” The timely response and professionalism was great”
~ Michael Matthews ( Columbia, TN)

“You guys was very quick and easy to deal with.”
~ Joshua Altrip ( Dickson,TN)

” The openness and very detail oriented.”
~ Jerry & Amanda Clecker ( Charlotte, TN)

” Beth or Debbie always got back with me quickly, they always made me feel so good about everything. When I was scared or nervous they was there.”
~ James Palmer ( White Bluff, TN) 

” I loved the communication, you guys always had my best interest at heart. I truly appreciate all the hard work you did.”
~ Michelle Cobham ( Franklin, TN)

“Beth was helful and amazing, I love her.”
~ James Palmer ( White Bluff, TN)

” Beth, you had all access to her she always responded. Everything could be done online which was amazing.”
~ Cherisa Andrews ( Bon Aqua, TN)

“The positive vibes, and the hard work was amazing. Everybody needs a raise. ”
~ Savanna Kennedy ( Lebanon, TN)

” Everything was great, I didn’t have to do a thing. You all made it super easy.”
~ Becky Pierce ( Dickson, TN)

” Zero Pressure.”
~ Jacob Hommel ( Madison, TN)

” The Functionality and kindness was amazing.”
~ Darrell Cagle ( Spring Hill, TN)

” Beth was very personable, she really puts her heart into her job.”
~ James Jabobs Jr. ( Charlotte, TN)

“Beth is amazing, I will always come to her for all my house needs.”
~ James Jacobs Sr. ( Charlotte, TN)

” Beth was very honest and prompt, she was very determined and personable.”
~ Michael Lewis ( Dickson, TN)

” The communication was amazing, and I could ask as many questions as I wanted. ”
~Stacy Cannon ( Ashland City, TN)

“They got me approved, and it was pretty fast. No matter the question they made sure i understood everything.”
~ Andrea Rayburn ( Dickson, TN)

“The patience, and willingness to explain everything that I needed to know was amazing.”
~Alan Hodges ( Dickson, TN)

” The whole team was very professional and took care of our needs quickly. You guys always had an answer with a reasonable amount of time, when i spoke with Phillip I felt at home. The information he gave us was always really helpful.”
~ David Latimer ( Wartrace, TN)

” Everyone was very responsive to my needs, I was always able to get in touch with everyone anytime.”
~ Gretchen Olejnik ( Hendersonville, TN)

“Everybody got everything done real good.”
~ Trudy and Dawn Phillips ( Knoxville, TN)

” The fast response was amazing”
~ Mary and William Vaughan ( Burns, TN)

” I liked the fact i was always kept in the loop, and my questions was always answered. It was a great experience.”
~ Caitlin Impey ( Spring Hill, TN)

” It was really easy, I didn’t have to drive to Brentwood everything was done over the phone or through email. ”
~ Barbara & Joshua Nix ( Waverly, TN)

” It was easy, everyone was very easy to speak with. Phillip talked to me as if i was a kindergartner and i asked him to do that so I could understand. It was a great experience, this was my third time buying a home and this was by far the best experience out of the 3 and simply because of the people I has working with me. ”
~ Samuel and Jenny Williams ( Clarksville, TN) 

” I felt like everyone was upfront and honest. There was always a clear plan as to what i needed to do. Everyone was very personable especially Danyale.”
~ Robin Riley ( LaVergne, TN)

“You guys was really on top of your game, I was really comfortable leaving everything in your all’s hands.”
~ Bettye Morris ( Hermitage, TN)

” Everything went great.”
~ Anthony Sallee ( Lebanon, TN)

“There was no beating around the bush, it was straight answers.”
~ Ryan Cates ( McEwen, TN”

” The communication you all was always on it. You let me know what I needed to do. Huge Thank you to all of you or we would not be in our home today.”
~ Christen Robinson ( White Bluff, TN)

” It was very easy to talk to Beth. She was very friendly to speak with very personable.”
~ Angel Aguilera ( Cumberland Furnace, TN)

” Beth is just amazing, I will continue to send business your way.”
~ Jason Rozh ( Nashville, TN)

” The Communication was really good.”
~ Steven Ray ( Clarksville, TN)

” Everything is done up front, you try and get everything in before it goes to underwriting. I would highly recommend y’all to anyone.”
~ Preston Crim ( Antioch, TN) 

” It was very straight forward and easy, I have had way way worse. ”
~ Matthew Thomas ( Burns, TN) 

” Everyone was very knowledgeable.”
~ Dwane Crafton ( Dickson, TN) 

” Everybody was real polite, it went real quick.”
~ Bettina Springer ( Centerville, TN) 

“Everybody was quick to respond. Beth and the whole office was fabulous. I highly recommend yall.”
~ Ronald & Elsa Deems ( Vanleer, TN) 

” It was very easy to talk to Beth. She was very friendly to speak with very personable.”
~ Angel & Candy Aguilera ( Cumberland Furnace, TN)

“Everybody was super helpful and friendly. I always got the answers to all my questions. Debbie and Beth are amazing, they was both very informative.”
~ Alisha & Matthew Crow ( White Bluff, TN)

“It was easy. I didn’t have to do anything. You guys are great to work with I would recommend you to everybody.”
~ Emily Johnson ( Dickson, TN)

” The communication was great, we always got an update.”
~ Zachary Lawrence ( Murfreesboro, TN) 

” Debbie and Beth was really nice, and was always in the know with what was going on.”
~ Katie Rice ( Hurricane Mills, TN) 

” You make everything easy, you take the complicated stuff and make it easy.”
~ William Rock ( Waverly, TN)

” The communication was amazing! What you said you was going to do you did. I would give a 10 but its a 9, you always have room for improvement. No one is perfect. Danyale and Autumn can never leave, when I call back in 10 years I expect to be speaking with them. ”
~ Christopher Hickman ( Knoxville, TN)

” Beth, Missy and Kayla are Amazing People.”
~ Fred Sherwood ( Bon Aqua, TN)

” Everyone was so positive, and I didn’t have to take care of anything.”
~ Toni & Daniel Fussell ( Dickson, TN)

” The professionalism and Friendliness was amazing! The patience was exceptional! ”
~ Joyce Sabine ( Clarksville, TN)

” Between the realtor and you guys you took care of everything.”
~ Thomas Pope ( Centerville, TN)

“Beth was able to handle everything and make sure I got closed.”
~ Walter Dudley ( Murfreesboro, TN)

” I really felt like Beth went out of her way to get this loan closed.”
~ Matthew Owen ( Burns, TN)

“Beth was great! She is amazingly available, but I worry about how available she is. I would email her at 2 A.M and she would email me back.”
~ Paul Citro ( Pegram, TN)

” It was very quick and  simple, very easy process.”
~ William White ( Wartrace, TN)

” I like you all good, everything went good. You all are doing very well you have good relation and skill. Someone was always there to answer the phone.”
~ Ibrahim Tahir ( Antioch, TN)

“Everything was quick and painless, i enjoyed doing everything electronically.”
~ William Pelfrey ( LaVergne, TN)

” Everything was explained, all the details and numbers. Everything was broken down into simple terms for me. ”
~ Gahdar Sayni ( Nashville, TN)

“Everything was great!”
~ Mateen Berwari ( Murfreesboro, TN)

” The communication was on point. There was never a time that we had to guess at anything we was always in the loop.”
~ Jeffrey Sanford ( Tullahoma, TN)

“I loved being able to do almost everything electronically! I loved working with Phillip and Autumn! Such a wonderful team! ”
~ Nijan Tahir ( Antioch, TN)

” Great communication and customer service. They was always available to us and Phillip attended the day we closed to answer any questions we had. We loved working with you all!”
~ Edith & Franklin Lemus ( Smyrna, TN)

” You guys was always really easy to talk to even when I had stupid questions. Phillip was very accessible. ”
~ Kim Sosa ( Nashville, TN ) 

” Everyone always kept in touch! I was very informed as to what was going on.”
~ Lauren Goodman ( Liberty, TN)

” Everyone was very informative, helpful, patient, and very friendly. It was like working with friends. We could not be happier. I want to thank everyone for being so GREAT! We couldn’t be happier with everyone we worked with. AMAZING Team!!!”
~ Ginger Richardson ( Chapel Hill, TN) 

” Beth was very clear on everything and made it as simple as possible.”
~ Dustin Bruce ( Ashland City, TN ) 

“The breakdown of the numbers was amazing.”
~ Kristin & Raymond Shutt ( Murfreesboro, TN)

” Everyone was very prompt, I have known Phillip for forever and he gave it a close attention to detail. I would recommend you guys to anybody.”
~ Allen Jennings ( Clinton, TN)

” Everything was so easy!”
~ Jerry Daniels ( Nashville, TN )

” The process was easy it was never a headache. The past 10 months I have done 2 deals with your office and i am very pleased. Quick Fast and so so easy.”
~ Baram Haurami ( Nashville, TN)

” Everyone’s personality it was more of helping out someone then doing a business transaction with someone. ”
~ Drau Kokoye ( Brentwood, TN)

” Beth seemed very genuine and wasn’t just out trying to make a buck and put someone in a house just to get them into one and be done.”
~ Chadric Campbell ( Dickson, TN)

” I guess the accessibility whenever I would panic or freak out, I would get a response right away. You guys were just always on top of everything. ”
~ Meoldy Laxton ( Beth Dodgins)

” Beth is excellent. I couldn’t ask for anything better for what they’ve done for us. We love the place.”
~ James Page ( Burns, TN)

” It was just very thorough. It was great and easy and they took case of everything for me and there was nothing to worry about. ”
~ Haleigh Sadler ( Dickson, TN)

” Everyone was very upfront, and everything was super easy to understand. Everything was done in our best interest.”
~ Kevin Jose & Lydia Keller ( Murfreesboro, TN)

” It was easy your guys was very informative when I had any kind of questions. Phillip and the whole staff was very pleasant and got back to me very quick.”
~ Sarah Norburg ( Spring Hill, TN)

” I was very informed about everything.”
~ Maria Lopez ( Antioch, TN)

” Professional, friendly, handled what seemed to be a complicated situation.”
~ Steven & Ron Sulewski ( Nashville, TN)

” It was so easy, everything was explained in a timely manner. I and my wife was very pleased.”
~  Jimmie & Tamara Handley ( Goodlettsville, TN)

” It was a headache because I never did it before, but I can’t say anything bad because it was a first experience that I had to go thru. It was all worth it though, they got me in a house.”
~ Charlene Vaughn ( Dickson, TN)

” Everyone is just really nice and honest. Phillip knows what I want and gives me what I need.”
~ Jackie Hawk ( Mt.Juliet, TN)

“Everything was very detailed, there was a lot of information but it was all broke down to me so I could understand.”
~ Michael Turner ( Goodlettsville, TN)

” Beth was on top of everything and I did not have to worry about anything.”
~ Matthew & Blair Anthony ( Burns, TN ) 

“Just the professionalism was amazing, they was very helpful with any questions we had.”
~ Angel Aguilera ( Cumberland Furnace, TN )

” Beth has helped me any way she could to buy a house, went above and beyond.”
~ Kimberly Duckworth ( Clarksville, TN)

” Y’all was very good, and understanding at answering my crazy questions and always being there and not ignoring my phone calls.”
~ Tracey Donald ( White Bluff, TN ) 

” The customer service was amazing.”
~ Lynette Meeks ( Murfreesboro, TN)

“Phillip was very clear about the steps to follow, he gave me advice on how to get my credit score up and how to obtain the best rate. I very much appreciate the phone calls and emails.”
~ Hector Santoyo ( Nashville, TN)

” I liked that the communication was perfect, everyone was on it. I always got a quick response. I felt like everyone was taking care of me not just one person.”
~ Niwar Hussein ( Nashville, TN) 

“The Communication and patience was most important to me. Everything went smooth, you guys are very easy to work with!”
~ Laura Dunnigan ( Tullahoma, TN)

” You were easy to talk to and very informative.”
~ Roger & Linda Hamm ( Charlotte, TN)

” Everyone was friendly and everything was prompt with getting information to me and forms completed. Everything electronically helped a lot so that i didn’t have to run to Brentwood every time something needed to be done. ”
~ Brian Howe ( Hermitage, TN) 

” The communication aspect was amazing, you guys would always let me know if i needed anything and kept me up to speed. ”
~ Stephanie Harvey ( LaVergne, TN)

” So easy and when I had a question it was answered. Debbie and Beth were great to work with, I’ve done it 3 or 4 times and they were the best.”
~ Charles Cantrell ( Ashland City, TN )

” The overall experience was good I never had nay problems, all of my questions was always answered. Everyone was amazing, I was a first time home buyer and it was easier then i thought i was going to be.”
~ Faris Meho ( Smyrna, TN)

“Autumn and Phillip always took time to answer my questions it was a very personable experience.”
~David Pool ( Hermitage, TN)

“Phillip was amazing, nice and friendly. He also kept us in the loop with what was going on.”
~ Mark Mickholtzick ( Franklin, TN)

” Phillip was very personable and everybody got back with us really quick we never had to wait around we always got an answer quickly. We very much enjoyed the whole process except for the documents.”
~ Diana Hill ( Alexandria, TN) 

“Your down to earth.”
~ Molly Camacho ( Murfreesboro, TN) 

” The best part about your firm is that you keep in contact with your clients on a da ily basis. I called you all often and no one made me feel like I was a bother. You all returned my phone calls within an hour. You educate your clients, i had a lot of questions but you broke down the information so i could understand. ”
~ Guri & Jyoti Deol ( Nolensville, TN)

“You guys got back with me same day if it wasn’t right away.”
~ Gary Weber ( Santa Fe, TN)

” It was easy going, y’all do all the work. Beth was awesome and I would Definitely recommend her in the future to anyone looking.
~ Justin Robertson ( Burns, TN)

” It was quick and easy and I’d recommend you to anyone.”
~ Karon & Dorothy Davidson ( Centerville, TN)

“The convenience of doing the paperwork online, fax, and email was amazing since i lived so far away from there office. I am very pleased and i don’t think i could have chosen a better person to work with.”
~ Joseph Overton ( Dickson, TN )

“They were just so helpful with everything, every time i had a question she was right there.”
~Brittany Carter ( Dickson, TN )

“Everything was good, y’all worked really well with me and Amanda my realtor was terrific! I will definitely go back thru Beth if I ever want to buy again and have sent my daughter to Beth! ”
~ Brenda Tidwell ( Dickson, TN)

“The online application made it easier to get things done. You guys are great and i will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to buy a house.”
~ Christopher Walker ( Dickson, TN) 

” Any questions i ever had Beth was very prompt and explained everything that needed to be done. I will definitely recommend her to anyone!”
~Jason Swinehart ( BonAqua, TN)

” I had never bought a home before so i didn’t understand a lot of the process so i really appreciated the team dumming everything down for me. I really enjoyed working with you guys, I almost feel like I am going to have to call at least once a week to talk to you all because you have been apart of our life for a year and a half.”
~ Kathryn & Harold Mahoney ( Murfreesboro, TN) 

“Everything was pretty simple and easy! Phillip made everything understandable I was never lost in the process.”
~ Nelson Santos ( Nashville, TN)

” Phillip went the extra mile to get me the best rate possible. He helped me to put in a strategic plan to help my credit that allowed me to have a better interest rate. “
~ Jesus Urdaneta ( Antioch, TN)

” Phillip and his team was always on top of things.”
~ Bengin Amedi ( Nashville, TN)

” They was very understanding of my financial situation, they was very helpful in trying to secure a loan. They identified every option for me. “
~ Mark Voyles ( Nashville, TN)

“The communication and professionalism was amazing. You guys was awesome. I am definitely appreciative of you guys. I loved the fact that Autumn came to the closing.”
~ Kimberly Rednour ( Murfreesboro, TN)

” Everything went very smooth. I really have nothing to compare it to.”
~ Thomas Trombetta ( Antioch, TN)

“I liked Debbie very well just through the phone conversations we had, and I liked Beth, she is a sharp lady. I was very impressed.”
~ John Clintsman ( Woodlawn, TN)

” The Communication was amazing, I knew all along the way what was going on. I have had to call and ask what was going on.”
~ Trina Demonbreun ( Dickson, TN)

” Beth did any and everything to get me into my home.”

~ Shelby Smith (McEwen, TN)

” I liked that my wife did most of the process.”
~ Nicolas & Joanna Arakelien (Dickson, TN)

“Beth was always available when I had a question and the online portal to get the docs together was very helpful and is a valuable thing for you guys to have and use. It definitely made getting my docs signed and completed much easier. ”
~ Andrew Mathews ( Antioch, TN)

” The communication was amazing, Phillip communicated everyday. ”
~ Jerome Hendrix ( Antioch, TN)

” Phillip makes it very easy.”
~ Kathy Skoog ( Bradyville, TN)

” The friendly attitude, Danyale was very chipper on the phone as well Autumn was. I appreciated all the updates. I never stressed.”
~ Cecelia Rubbert ( Mt. Juliet, TN)

” Phillip was very personable and every got back with us really quick we never had to wait around we always go and an answer quickly.”
~ Diana Hill (Alexandria, TN)

” Everyone is just so helpful with any questions I had, and had very quick responses.  It was the least stressful part out of the whole process, everyone I would with was helpful.”
~ Rosie Dykes ( Old Hickory, TN)

” The lender was very prompt. Phillip did a great job, I choose between 2 different lenders and he did an amazing job.”
~ Mark Beasley ( Murfreesboro, TN)

” They walked me through everything! Phillip always stayed in touch and kept me informed.”
~ Bethany Lancaster ( Goodlettsville, TN )

” They always had time to work with me, they was very personable.”
~ David Pool (Hermitage, TN)

” The ease of the communication was amazing. Beth and Debbie were great.”
William Shreeve ( Dickson, TN)

” The ease, if i had a question Beth always had an answer, usually off the top of her head and if she didn’t know right then she called me within an hour.”
Toby Carnahan ( White Bluff, TN)

” The Friendliness, i felt right at home and i will definitely recommend y’all.”
~Deborah Carson (Erin, TN)

” Working with Beth was great, she will be the one I call if I ever have to do this again.”
~ Jennifer Beaird ( Ashland City, TN )

” I really apprecaited the persistence that Phillip and his team had, the follow through was really good. I would absolutely use you all again and recommend you all. Our case was not the easiest and you all worked with us to get it done. ”
~ Chris and MariBeth Dodd ( Spring Hill, TN)

” It was very personable, the communication was excellent and they always contacted me! I always knew what was going on. If i ever go purchase another home I will you People’s Home Equity.”
~ Cynthia Johnson ( Nashville, TN)

” I always got a follow up call.”
~ Iona Canada ( Murfreesboro, TN)

“The service was friendly.”
~ Henry Particelli ( Nashville, TN)

” Beth was amazing and did more than enough for us, she was absolutely perfect.”
~Zachary Vanderpool ( Dickson, TN )

” Everything was easy, especially because I was out of state doing all of it. ”
~  Beth Caho ( Hohenwald, TN)

“I was always able to reach Beth, It was really nice every time I had a questions I was able to reach her on the phone or by email.”
~ Staci & Jimmy Moize (Lyles, TN)

“You all got the process done. ”
~ James Carson (Tennessee Ridge, TN)

” Everything was amazing. Everyone was so helpful, I cant say enough good things about Phillip and his team.”
~ Tracey Brown ( Old Hickory, TN)

” Laid back and as friendly and understanding as a business could be! Everyone was so helpful I now consider them family. I love all of you and thank you so much, you have made our dreams come true. With you all I don’t know what we would have done.”
~ Donnie & Beverly Wilson ( White House, TN)

” The communication was easy!  The whole process was easy.”
~ Jennifer Riley ( Milton, TN)

” You guys are honest!  Never ever made me feel stupid! I loved the girls they are amazing. I never felt like I was bothering them they was both very patient with me. Not only is the team great, they are professional but they also make it personal to where people can open up and talk.”
~ Anita Brown  ( Antioch, TN)

” Very patient, any stupid questions I had you was patient and answered it. We never felt left out we always knew what was going on. As stressful as if was, the whole team including the realtor made it a very easy process.”
~ Curtis Vogan ( Old Hickory, TN)

“The personalization was great!”
~ Angela Dipietro (Lebanon, TN)

” You guys was always there when I needed you. I was a first time home buyer and you all did not make me feel like an idiot when I asked questions, which meant a lot to me. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you! I felt very comfortable, I never felt like I was an inconvenience. ”
~ Candice Crane ( Murfreesboro, TN)

“Everybody was real polite, overall I have a really good experience.”
~ Alexis Jones (Lebanon, TN)

“The clarity of doing the loan was amazing.”
~ Gregory Shirley ( Franklin, TN)

“Everything was great, you worked great with me.”
~ Eleazer Tamariz ( Antioch, TN)

“Beth was really helpful and on top of things and really took care of me.”
~ Jacquelyn Barber (Thompsons Station, TN)

” Beth was always great to get back with me, she was very thorough. ”
~Taylor Imoberstag (Burns, TN )

“All questions were answered promptly, no waiting! Everything was great!”
~Ramon Valentin (Dickson, TN)

“Very helpful in every aspect.”
~Chance Skaggs (Dickson, TN)

” The honesty of it all, Beth was always able to help and even got us a lower rate. Thanks to Beth in general for everything she has done for me and my family. ”
~Bobby Parker (Dickson, TN)

“The speed of replying! Beth was great dealing with me, she pretty much held my hand the whole time.”
~Robert Holmes ( Pleasant View, TN)

” It was easy, Beth answered my questions! No hang-ups it was simply easy.”
~Wesley Shaw (Centerville, TN)

” Beth was very prompt and answered all my questions. I would recommend Peoples Home Equity to  anyone looking for a home loan.”
~ Deborah Bassett (Dickson, TN)

“Beth was very quick on answering questions and always there, she made it easy. Beth Is excellent in what she does we did not have any problems. ”
~ Jessica Resnick (Dickson, TN)

“Beth went above and beyond to make things happen.”
~Stephen Driver (Dickson, TN)

“Beth was very informative, everything was prompt and quick pretty painless. She was great to work with, we are glad to be home owners. ”
~Melissa Bullock (Dickson, TN)

“The communication was clear and prompt with Beth.”
~Benjamin Torres (Dickson, TN)

“Beth was to the point, totally professional but yet she had enough people skills she was a little personal. Everything was amazing. She was available 24 hours a day! She kept me positive. I am her biggest advocate. I don’t care how much money she makes she doesn’t make enough. She is the face of People’s Home Equity. I did not have a horror story, she was great and did everything she told me she was going to go. I highly recommend her to everyone. I advertise for her to everyone, I advertise every single day.”
~Anthony Tidwell ( Dickson, TN)

“They got it done quick, and all my questions was always answered.”
~ Will Swint ( Nashville, TN)

“Everything was clear cut, everything was in open no surprises. Beth was fantastic. “
~ Michelle Sevier ( Dickson, TN)

“The constant communication was amazing, I would almost always get an immediate response. Beth is just wonderful; No matter what this is her life not just a job to her, she is one of the most professional women i have ever worked with. ”
~Lisa Donegan ( Dickson, TN )

“Whenever I had questions Beth always called me back! I had a hard time getting people to call me back with other companies, with Beth she expedited everything.”
~ Lindsey Ryan ( White Bluff, TN)

” We tried to get approved with other places, and Beth got us approved and told me exactly what i needed to do.”
~Alford & Tonya Vaughn (McEwen, TN)

“It was all quick, everyone was friendly and it was an easy access Phillip always called me. I never felt any pressure it was amazing, everything was a breeze so i really appreciated Phillip and his girls.” 
~ Baram Haurami (Nashville, TN)

” Beth did a great job, she got me the lowest interest rate.”
~ Mark Bates (Charlotte, TN)

“Beth was quick to answer all my questions, she is really sweet and gave us great advice.”
~ Jessica Reed (Portland, TN)

“I really felt like i was the only client, i never felt like just an application that went across someone’s desk they always made me feel amazing. Phillips girl’s are amazing to work with, they really took a personal interest in my life.”
~ Mark Wagner (Corryton, TN)

“Beth made this a really fast process and she went way above and beyond!”
~Vaden Wayne Parker ( Bon Aqua, TN)

“Very friendly staff they answered all of my questions! They got to the point and did not dilly daddle! Phillip is nice, but his staff is even nicer! He was smart enough to hire a good staff.”
~Thomas Ketterhagen (Kingston Springs, TN)

” Beth was very quick and Efficient, she is great!”
~Lindsey Russell (Nashville, TN)

“I really enjoyed the personalized service with Autumn and Danyale.”
~James Steven Ray (Clarksville, TN)

” I thought everyone was friendly and worked on things very quickly, very transparent. It was a good experience overall. ” 
~Kim Demetrio ( Nashville, TN)

“Me and my husband travel a lot, Autumn was really responsive! I just appreciated the convenience she offered, she was really on top of things. I was very impressed with how friendly and professional everyone was. Our gift at the closing table was really sweet and thoughtful!”
~ Garrett and Brittney Johnson ( Murfreesboro, TN)

“Everyone was so helpful to get you to the closing table, everyone was so nice! I really liked working with Phillip and his team. The entire team is amazing. I am definitely recommending him to people.”
~ Charlie and Sara King ( Murfreesboro, TN)

“Everyone was friendly and easy to work with, I never had any questions. I would definitely recommend Phillip in the future.”
~ Luis Villasenor (Antioch, TN)

“Phillip and his team was easy to communicate with! Phillip was great to work with it was easy, I look forward to working with him in the future.”
~Marlena Tidwell (Nashville, TN)

” Beth was very responsive, everything Beth said was very accurate and I loved the updates! I would recommend her to absolutely everyone, we was first time home buyers. Beth went above and beyond and she made it work. I would praise her to no end!”
~Misty and Anthony McDonald (Dickson, TN)

” Everyone was always on it! I always knew exactly what was going on. I felt like I was the only client which made me feel really special, but it helped knowing Danyale.”
~ Corey Jones ( Burns, TN)

“Beth always kept in touch! Always letting me know what was going on! I have absolutely no complaints.”
~ William Galloway ( Charlotte, TN)

“Everybody was just really nice! Pretty prompt on getting back to stuff!”
~Michelle Brassell (Ashland City, TN)

 “The personal one on one dealing, we was very impressed that Phillip came to the closing. All our questions was always answered, and everyone always had time for us.”
~Petra and David Tester ( Murfreesboro, TN)

“The promptness was amazing!! We didn’t really have to wait to hear back from Beth it was really fast we never had to worry about what was going on! We knew everything was in good hands.”
~Cody Leaming (Dickson, TN)

Beth! I didn’t have to do anything, she was very honest, polite and straight forward. The whole process was easy. It was overall a great experience and it was very easy for me.”
~Vanessa Pilkinton (Dickson, TN) 

The communication was awesome! At first I didn’t want to buy but Danyale kept calling and encouraging me it was a good thing. I am grateful for all of them. The process was really easy. They all worked really hard and they was all really professional and helpful. ”
~ Kyle and Chelsie Neblett ( Cumberland Furnace, TN)

 “You all took the time to walk each step with me, to make sure I qualified. The hard work the whole team put in was excellent. I appreciate Phillip and his team for working so hard to make sure I was in my home in a timely manner. Everything went smooth and professional it was just a great experience. I  really appreciate Autumn and Danyale so much. I can’t put in words how much I appreciate Phillip and his team.”
~ Maria Lymon ( Old Hickory, TN)

“The details and information and knowing everything was key for me! I knew every step and every detail. Phillip was very easy to work with, he answered every question. I would refer him again to anyone I know he was very professional.”
~Jason and Katrina Kemp (Carthage, TN)

“I liked know my loan officer it helped, Beth was great.”
~Crystal & Brandon Galloway ( Cumberland Furnace, TN)

” Everyone was very responsive, we really felt like the only clients and that was amazing to us. We had a lot of faith in Beth, and we presented numerous challenges. She gave excellent financial advice, she was very accessible.”
~ Tasha & Daniel Escue ( Hendersonville, TN)

“ Phillip was easy to work with, everything went great.”
~ Michael Jones (Hendersonville, TN)

“Phillip and his team was very responsive. It was great to get personal phone calls from Phillip, I really felt like the team walked us through step by step. Phillip was very professional and amazing attention to detail.”
~ Samuel & Katherine Dornan ( Franklin, TN)

“Consistent communication was key for me.”
~Anne Ciccoline (Columbia, TN)

“The constant communication back and forth was amazing, you guys was always on it! I really felt like we worked well together. Phillip stop being such a workaholic and have some fun.”
~Elizabeth Campos &  Aaron Aki (Hendersonville, TN)

“Everything was very simple and easy going. It was an easy process. Beth was really great to work with. I really enjoyed being able to communicate through email mostly.”
~Rhonda & Jerry Booker ( Burns, TN)

“Everything was really easy, everything kept on track it was a straight forward process. Phillip and his team worked hard! They was all extremely professional.”
~James Berg (Springfield, TN)

“Beth is very thorough. She worked hard, and she always advocates the best thing for a client.”
~Hannah & William Johnson (Dickson, TN)

“Beth was very professional, everything was great! I was very impressed how well everyone worked together to get this done. It was a great experience. “
~ Jeffrey Jones (Dickson, TN)

“Everything was great! I got my house, I have no complains I would send everyone there! Beth always answered every question and kept us informed.”
~Christina & Bobby Gibson (White Bluff, TN)

“Beth is awesome! I never wondered or had any questions. Anything I needed to know was immediately told to me.”
~Jeremy Bunn (Dickson, TN)

“Phillip and his team was always very responsive. Phillip is amazing, will definitely do business with him in the future.”
~ Jeremy Greening (Centerville, TN)

“Beth, was always there if I had any questions with anything. She really worked hard to get it done quickly. She did a really great job.”
~Robert Badtke (White bluff, TN)

“Beth was great to work with, she answered all my questions and was very quick to respond to all my emails. The communication was amazing.”
~Beverly Brewer (Dickson, TN)

“Phillip is absolutely professional and goes above and beyond to get the job done. Absolute ease of doing it all online, the access to be able to not have to be in house to do anything. We was able to do everything online.”
~ Jason & Katrina Cherry (Clinton, TN)

“The communication was amazing, the whole process went fast! I would recommend Beth to anyone!”
~ Eddie & Amber Holt ( Burns, TN)

“ The timeliness and quickness was amazing. The communication was amazing! Autumn and Phillip was really on top of it! I really appreciate everything they done. I had a real short time line for all of this stuff. Every time I talked to Phillip he was always on top of it!
~Michael Hancock (Nolensville, TN)

“I liked the way Phillip always kept in touch. Phillip was very brief with all my answers to my questions. Phillip was always helpful with anything I needed. Everyone at the office was very professional and happy.”
~ David Leonard (Woodbury, TN)

“Beth was on top of it, she let me know quickly about what I needed to do. If I had a question she answered everything quickly. Beth is very good at what she does.”
~ Amanda Stafford (Bethpage, TN)

” They told me all the facts up front and I never had to question anything. Danyale always met me I never had to go to Brentwood which was really nice. Phillip was very informative. I would recommend anyone to you.”
~ Jeffrey Zook ( Cumberland Furnace, TN)

“Everything was explained to where anyone could understand. I worked real hard to get everything I needed to get in my home. Everyone in office was real professional, it was a pleasant experience. Beth is awesome! She did everything she said she would do in a timely fashion. She went above and beyond and I would recommend her to anyone. “
~ Jerry Stoner ( Springfield, TN)

” Beth made it simple. I didn’t have to do a whole lot it was nice. Beth is a hard worker, she works tooth and nail to get everything done. She is awesome in my book.”
~William Patrick ( Burns, TN)

“Beth always kept me updated. If I ever again decide to buy another home, I would consider using you guys again.”
~Stephanie King (Fairview, TN)

“The personal interaction was amazing, I knew exactly what was going on. There was no guessing and I didn’t have to sit and wonder. Beth was wonderful to deal with. I would recommend her to anybody that is needing help.”
~ John and Pamela Worthen  (Dickson, TN)

“Phillip was very assuring, he is perfect I will send more people to him. Everything was perfect.”
~Zahidah Khalil & Otham Ismaeel  (Antioch, TN)

“Beth is a great person I really enjoyed working with her. The quick response about everything was amazing!”
~Chyna and John Gibson (Dickson, TN)

“I got to buy my home while on vacation! Process was easy and painless”
~ Lenny Rosado (Antioch, TN) 

“I must say that YOU have been the driving force that kept me motivated on my goal. Your expertise and hard work kept me believing that I could do this even when I was just starting. Thanks so much for all that you have done for my family. I can’t express enough appreciation. It has been a long, tough process but I couldn’t have done it without all your help.”
~Robert Lee (Dickson, TN)

“Everything was on time, it was a good experience.”
~Visawanath Guntupalli & Melissa Kempel (Nashville, TN)

“Everything was great, I had no problem with you guys, you all made it very simple.”
~Zeyad Ahmed (Antioch, TN)

“It was personal, they always made sure to keep us updated on everything!  Phillip definitely took the stress away!”
~Richard Fry (Murfreesboro, TN)

” The level of communication, it was not overwhelming but we knew any new level of development. There was a lot that happened in such a short amount of time so I was very impressed, we was never lost in what was going on . The follow up with calls and emails was amazing. Phillip was awesome! My husband loved him and always had good things to say about him and connected with him on a personal level. It was a really good experience. ”
~Cayla and Michael Dickenson (Fairview, TN)

“Beth answered all my questions, she is very informative. If I found someone else looking to buy I would definitely send them to Beth, I had a really good experience.”
~ Amber and David Grubb (Dickson, TN)

“Phillip is a great guy, I was able to buy my house which is awesome!”
~ Zachary Thomas (Murfreesboro, TN)

“Excellent communication and great with meeting deadlines. Beth is excellent and I try to send as many people to her as possible.”
~Todd and Michele Johnstone (Burns, TN)

” If I ever had to purchase another home, I would for sure go through you guys. The willingness was amazing, my case was a tough one even when I got frustrated they kept rolling with it. It was great.”
~Christopher Campaine ( Lyles, TN)

“We worked with Beth and she went above and beyond to help us out.”
~ Dustin Speight ( Dickson, TN)

“Everyone was very professional, I sure appreciated all the follow ups.”
~ Amber English ( Nashville, TN)

“It was easy! Anything I needed explained to me Beth was always there to answer the questions. Everything went great. “ ~Christopher Averette (White House, TN)

“Everyone was really patient and nice and I am really impatient. Phillip always called me once a week to give me an update, and I really liked that. Autumn, Danyale, and Phillip everyone was great. It was my first real house I bought and it went really easy. I am very thankful and happy. “
~ Jeffrey and Angela Ellis (College Grove, TN)

“Everything went smoothly, we didn’t really have to do anything Jim did all the work. Jim was always on top of everything and took everything quickly.”
~Robert and Sandy Ditzig (Hermitage, TN)

“Phillip was such a pleasure to work with, anything he asked for he would assure me that everything was ok and the things he wanted was required. Being out of state he was very reassuring and helpful. It was simple, easy, and straightforward. Everyone in office was so friendly.”
~Kurtis and Kathleen Skoog (Bradyville, TN)

” The efficiency was excellent with Phillip.”
~Steve McMorran ( Smyrna, TN)

“Everyone was easy to work with. It was all pretty simple.”
~ Michael Jones ( Hendersonville, TN)

” I got my house, it was awesome”
~ Laurie Baker (Dickson, TN)

“ Phillip helped me get a house I can’t thank him enough.”
~Avian Lanier (Antioch, TN)

” The process with Beth was easy, I was told what I needed to do. She was very helpful.”
~ Tina Hogan (Dickson, TN)

” Everything was simple, my husband did most of the work so I just went with the flow. We seriously do not have any complaints.”
~ John Ramsey (Dickson, TN)

“Everyone in office was really friendly and they knew what they was doing Phillip was awesome.”
~ Judith Nixon (Spring hill, TN)

“Phillip always seemed on the ball, he was great to get information from. The communication was always excellent.” ~Marsha & David Decker ( Antioch, TN)

” The communication with Phillip was always spot on, he always kept me up to date. Phillip is great at what he does, hats off to him.”
~ Nicolas Perdue (Cottontown, TN)

” Honestly, everything went great I did not have any problems. I seriously liked the whole process”
~ Esam Muhammed ( Nashville, TN)

“Phillip was very personable, he was more like a friend then someone I was borrowing money from.”
~ Dustin Johnson ( Murfreesboro, TN)

” The whole process was straight forward for me and I really liked that. Beth was amazing.”
~ Chad Campbell ( Dickson, TN)

“Beth is great! She was very friendly and answered all my questions.”
~ William Dodson (Nashville, TN)

“Beth was able to get it done and get it done quickly.”
~ James Sprayberry (Dickson, TN)

” We worked great with Phillip. It was just a really good overall experience. I will definitely use again when I get ready to refinance or buy another home.”
~ Matthew Phillips (Madison, TN)

” Beth was amazing. Beth was always on top of things.”
~ Tyler Jenkins (Dickson, TN)

“Beth was absolutely amazing.”
~Stephanie Fultz (Burns, TN)

“Phillip helped me a lot, he gave me everything I needed.”
~Bejar Ariman (Antioch, TN)

” Phillip was fast, easy and effective. Simply amazing. I definitely recommend him to everyone!”
~ Aleksey White (Hendersonville, TN)

” Phillip took care of business! I will continue to recommend him to family and friends.”
~ Jacques Boyd (Nashville, TN)

“ Phillip was very friendly and informative.”
~Sarah Gross ( Old Hickory, TN)

“We had tried to buy a house earlier before, and it was a complete nightmare. Beth was amazing!”
~ Corey Williams (White Bluff, TN)

“This was my first time buying a house so I do not know the pro’s and con’s but everything was great, I have no complaints.”
~ Michael Davio (Mt.Juliet, TN)

“I loved how easy it was. They told us what we needed to do and we done it! Things got taken care of pretty easily.”
~Michael Boatner (Dickson, TN)

” Phillip was very flexible, friendly and approachable! He was everything I was looking for when I was going to buy a home, he made it easy.”
~ Richard Gipson (Murfreesboro, TN)

” Every week Phillip would call me and give me an update, there was never a time that I was curious about what was going on. His assistant Beth was great at stepping in whenever I had a question. Communication at this office is amazing! “
~ Russell Creager (Spring Hill, TN)

” Everything Phillip did was amazing! He got me my house 🙂 I recommend him to everyone, he is simply amazing.”
~ Mohammed Odah (Smyrna, TN)

” The communication and efficiency with Phillip was amazing! He was so easy to talk to, simply just down to earth.” ~ Ryan Dickerson ( Nashville, TN)

” Beth made it simple, she always gave me great advice. I will continue to recommend Beth.”
~ Brian Richardson (Burns, TN)

” We closed on time! And that meant a lot to us it helped us to stay on schedule. Will definitely refer to friends and family in area.”
~ Derek Thiele ( Murfreesboro, TN)

” Beth talked me through everything and was very helpful and truthful.”
~ Pamela Green (Dickson, TN)

“Phillip was easy to contact at all times, I was always able to get ahold of him .Everything went great! It was awesome! “
~ Tamara Barker (Murfreesboro, TN)

” The customer service at the office was awesome! He bent over backwards for me. I will definitely recommend to others.”
~ Barnie Hill ( Kingston Springs, TN)

“Phillip was very attentive.”
~Kimberly Shain ( Rockvale, TN)

” Beth was quick and to the point. Made very good on her promises. Over all happy! Beth needs a raise, and I will take a cut.” ~William Downer (Furnace, TN)

“Phillip was very friendly and did well with communication every step of the way. He does his job well.”
~ John Gossett (Nashville, TN)

” Phillip was very personable, warm and friendly. No- Joe Friday facts ma’am. He made me feel like I was his only client.”
~ Lavelle Eubanks (Madison, TN)

” Very professional! The communication was great with Phillip and Beth. I will definitely recommend to friends.”
~ Allison Hill (Spring Hill, TN)

” Beth was awesome! I wish she could run my company. She made our wish come true, she is one of a kind.”
~ Jennifer Smith (Centerville, TN)

“ Beth was always available and helpful! I would recommend Beth to anyone.”
~ Henry Particelli (Nashville, TN)

” Phillip was excellent at everything. He was very proactive, I am completely satisfied.”
~ Craig Clinton ( Spring Hill, TN)

” Beth made is easy, she was available at all times. She can get your credit straightened out.”
~ James Moss ( Waverly, TN)

“It was a really easy process and informative.”
~Amber Milby (Dickson, TN)

” Beth is a wonderful lady, she was never bothered by any of my questions. That meant a lot to me because I had a lot of questions. I could not imagine it being any easier.”
~Terry Smithson (Dickson, TN)

” Beth is amazing at everything she does. Sit back and let Beth do the work.”
~ Amanda Weber ( Dickson, TN )

” Everything went by fast, I did not have to lift a finger, Beth was awesome. “
~ Madeline Terlecki ( Dickson, TN)

” Phillip was very competent, no surprises. I will always recommend him to anyone and everyone.”
~ Emory Gilstrap (Powell, TN)

” Beth was very motivated, she rocks she was humble. She made the dream come true.”
~ Nakia Mayberry ( Dickson, TN)

” Rachael made the process easy and effortless for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.”
~Jeremy Bruce ( Nashville, TN)

” Rachael was always pro-active and keeping in touch with us. Rachael stood by us.”
~ Steven Seaman ( Gallatin, TN)

” I was very satisfied with the whole experience, Phillip was always very professional.”
~ Helton Rivera ( Murfreesboro, TN)

” Phillip was very helpful and available. I would definitely recommend you guys. Great experience for buying our first home.”
~ Kelly Kolar ( Nashville, TN)

” Beth is awesome! Seriously awesome. She went above and beyond at all times.”
~ Mary Hernandez (Dickson, TN)

” Phillip always went above and beyond and that made me feel very special.”
~ Jeb Wilson ( Nashville, TN)

” Phillip was great! The promptness of returning calls and emails, he seemed to always be on top of everything.”
~ Raymond Shutt ( Murfreesboro, TN)

 ” I felt like my relationship with Phillip was beyond being a client. He made me feel like I was his only client and that was awesome. I am beyond impressed, top notch!”
~ Timothy Moss ( Dickson, TN)

” It did not matter how small the question was he would take the time to answer and explain all things. Phillip was great! I am trying to sell my home in NC and wish it was as easy as buying.”
~ Walter Harper ( La Follette, TN)

” Beth took care of everything, she made the process really easy.”
~ Gary Skaggs (White Bluff, TN)

“I really felt like me and Phillip communicated great together.”
~ Ken Long (Brentwood, TN)

” Beth went above and beyond everyday. She is the bomb, do not ever let her go.”
~ Osama Hamed ( Dickson, TN)

” Beth and Phillip’s personalities are awesome! Always available for questions and made the process fast and efficient. I will definitely recommend. “
~ Zachary Wilburn (Smyrna, TN)

“The process was really easy with Phillip.”
~Jacqueline Ross (Crossville, TN)

“I had a really good experience, smooth and easy process for 1st time home buyer.”
~ Patrick and Kristin Billingsley (Nashville, TN)

” The follow through was amazing, the fact that Phillip showed up at the closing and was an active part made me really happy. I will recommend Beth and Phillip to everyone.”
~ Margaret & Phillip Appler ( Lewisburg, TN)

” It was so easy to get what he needed and he was always looking ahead. Amazing people to work with. Will use again without a doubt.”
~Tieawasa Hodack (Franklin, TN)

“I gave you everything you needed and you ran with it. The process was very easy. I just wished you would had given me no interest.”
~ Ricky Hallum ( Lebanon, TN)

” Beth informed me of what I needed so that it would go through underwriting smoothly. She did a great job, I can’t wait to use her again.”
~ Sierra Slosser (Dickson, TN)

Beth was very accessible and explained everything very well. The rates were higher at first but then we brought them down. Beth was great at everything.”
~ Justin Barden (Dickson,TN”

“I can not say enough good things about Beth. Whatever you are paying her its not enough! She never sugar coated anything she was right to the point. “
~ Paul Cart (Burns, TN)

 ” Phillip’s availability was amazing, he always made me feel like I was his only client. It was a pleasure working with Phillip and support staff. “
~ James Dell (Spring Hill, TN)

“The communication was always great! Phillip and Beth Worked hard.”
~ Cary Moore (Columbia, TN)

Testimonials from Recent Clients

“Unprecedented service, knowledge, and responsiveness. Phillip worked with me while I was going through excruciating pain. He took my difficult situation and my difficulty well. I am not a difficult unkind person, but my disability of chronic pain makes me hateful at times. Phillip and Celia were still willing to work with me even though I was nasty and at time unwilling to cooperate. They understood my disability as no one else has in any area of my life to date. I am very grateful. I would not be here without them. “
~Julie Carroll (Nashville, TN)

“Beth was very responsive, I could get ahold of her easily and she responded immediately.”
~ Aaron Kocourek (Dickson, TN)

” I really enjoyed that there were times when I had a lot of questions and Beth was very good about answering my questions, very thorough. Beth is rock star, she knows her stuff. I think she is very very busy. She is patient at explaining the process to a first time home buyer. Very bright, I would recommend her as the day is long. I hope she gets a raise.”
~ Rebekah Sitze (Lyles, TN)

You guys deal with me like I am part of the team, and that’s important to me. Phillip knows I am not going anywhere.”
~Robert Jongema ( Hermitage, TN)

” It was really easy and straight forward, there was no feeling of hidden agenda.”
~ Victoria Duncan ( Dickson, TN)

” There is so much, I would say the biggest two things is when Beth said she got the pre-approval, and everything just went so quick. there is a lot of good things to say about Beth. I highly recommend you guys and have been. I was highly impressed by her and the receptionist they was both excellent.”
~ Bruce Whitlock ( Dickson, TN)

“It was quick, painless and relatively easy. Very positive experience, everything was explained to me I thought it was awesome.” ~Deanna Anderson (Columbia, TN)

” We really liked that all the numbers was put together ahead of time. We knew all the numbers going in, and the spending on the house. My family is big planners and live and die by our budget. We really had a great experience and enjoyed it. It was very positive for us.”
~ William Brackman (Nashville, TN)

” Phillip was very professional and did a good job, he’s a nice guy. Every time I called I was always able to get in contact with Beth of Phillip”
~ Michael Alexander (Murfreesboro, TN)

“You made sure everything was in line, mail me some business cards so I can hand them out. “
~Michael Musgrove (Bell Buckle, TN)

“My husband did most the work, but the communication was great.”
~ Lindsay Bartunek (Smyrna, TN)

“The ease of dealing with you guys, how pleasant everybody was to deal with. I would highly recommend you guys.”
~Tracy Lehmann ( Brentwood, TN)

“Beth was on top of it.”
~Andrew Stanfill (Dickson, TN)

” Phillip made every so easy, the communication was great.”
~ Christopher Ford (Franklin, TN)

“ Beth was quick and nice. It was because of you all that I got this house.”
~Taylor Anderson ( Bon Aqua, TN)

“The easiest part, I work everyday and I could do everything over the phone and through email. I had a good experience and I would do it again if I needed to.”
~ Brandon Edwards (Charlotte, TN)

” Beth was great the entire time. She picked up the paperwork when I was not able to get it to her. She made the process very easy. I feel Beth completely understood we was first time home owners, and answered all 5000 of my questions, she always knew the answer.”
~ Megan Tyler (Dickson, TN)

” I gave Beth what she needed, and she truly only reached out when she couldn’t figure things out. She knew the situation, and she went the extra mile. Beth was really great, I will recommend.”
~ Michael Counsell (Dickson, TN)

“Beth stayed in touch with me, she was always available to talk.”
~Monte Porter (White Bluff, TN)

“Beth listened to what we needed, she was understandable, I had a really good time with her. Two thumbs up Beth Dodgins.” ~ Chad Caperoon ( McEwen, TN)

“ I really liked the thoroughness. Beth was very helpful and great.”
~ Frederick Gill (Charlotte, TN)

“Beth was awesome with answering questions, her responding was fast paced. I would definitely recommend.”
~ Carla Blanton (Dickson, TN)

” They was very nice and would answer any question I had. Keep up the great work at getting people approved. I will definitely recommend.”
~Lisa Reeder (Murfreesboro, TN)

” Beth told us exactly what we needed to do to be a home owner. And what I needed to be a successful homeowner. Beth was very straight forward. She invested a lot of time in me, she truly made me feel like I was her only client. I loved seeing my name on the TV.”
~ Harriet Rodriguez ( Nashville, TN)

“Everybody was nice, polite, treated you like a person. I did not have any problems”
~Wayland Buker (Charlotte, TN)

“They made the process easy. They told us what we needed to do, and we got it done. Things got taken care of pretty easily.” ~Michael Boatner (White Bluff, TN)

“I first must give Thanks to God and second to Beth Dodgins! Beth, you are an Amazing Woman who stepped in on my behalf and got things straightened out and for you, I am grateful! Beth, you saw the fight still in me, when I was ready to give up on my dream due to all that I had endured before meeting you. God, had a purpose for us meeting and all I can say is, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! I will continue spreading your name and the good work you do! Thank you.”
~Nakia Mayberry (Dickson, TN)

“Beth Dodgins, a Thank You is not enough. You put in so many extra hours for us. I hope this company realizes how valuable you are. If not for you helping us get our credit up, our huge two story house with 6 acres of land would not have been possible. We appreciate all of your help and will not hesitate to recommend you and your staff to everyone. The world would be better off with a few more people like you. Thank you.”
~Wesley & Jennifer Whitaker (Centerville, TN)

“We wanted to take the time to say Thank You to Rachael Gregory for being proactive and making this loan approval work!”
~ Steven & Carrie Seaman (Gallatin, TN)

“Beth was amazing, I absolutely loved her attention to detail. I have no complaints at all she was easy to work with.”
~Bill Rock

“I wanted to take the time to thank Phillip Carson for helping us out. I really can not Thank You enough or express my appreciation. You guys were a huge help and really came to our rescue! Again thank you so much! Also thank you for all your hard work and help with buying our dream home. We’re both so happy we found a good team who took care of us and looked out for us with purchasing up here. There are so many who don’t care what you get or if its just right for you and just look at the big paycheck at the end. We will definitely be highly recommending you guys to everyone we know who will be looking to buy in the future!”
~ Brad, Gabby, Emma & Riley (Lascassas, TN)

“The Daniel Hayes Team & Phillip Carson was so patient and easy to work with during my 1st home purchase. Thank you!” ~Katrina Carroll (Murfreesboro, TN)

“Beth Dodgins was very helpful. This was the first time I have ever purchased a home. She made sure i knew what I was doing and stayed in contact the whole time. She made sure I was happy. Thank you”
~Monica Lanthier (Dickson, TN)

“Beth Dodgins helped us purchase our first home. She was there every step of the way to address the many questions that I had and gave extremely thorough answers to those questions. We will absolutely use her again. We will be recommending her to all our friends and family. You can not go wrong with her taking care of you!”
~ Deana & Corey Barnes (Dickson, TN)

“Thank You Phillip Carson. We are enjoying our new home. Lots to do in getting settled. Please thank your staff for a job well done”
~Roy Pearson (Nashville, TN)

“A Million Thanks, Thank you soooooo much for your hard work and dedication, I really appreciate everything that you have done for Reggie and I.”
~Holly & Reggie Ridley ( Goodlettsville, TN )

“I want to thank Phillip Carson one last time for all the time and work he put into getting me approved for my loan. He went over and above, over and over, and I truly do appreciate it more than I will ever be able to express. Once again, thank you thank you thank you for my success!!”
~Jaime Espinoza ( Antioch, TN )

“Beth Dodgins helped us purchase our first home. She made the experience so wonderful! She was in contact with us every day & we stayed informed on where in the process our loan was. We always felt like our file was a top priority for her. We felt like this home purchase was as important to her as it was to us! We are recommending her to everyone and are so grateful for her hard work! She IS amazing!”
~ Billy & Ashley Jackson ( Dickson, TN )

“I wanted to thank Phillip Carson for all his work. Moving cross country can be crazy at times. He made our home purchase in Nashville a pain free job. Do yourself a favor and contact United Capital Lending. Thanks again.”
~Ray Anguiano ( Nashville, TN)

“Beth Dodgins helped me get my first  house recently. I’ve never met or dealt with someone as sincere as she is. She was on top of everything. Fast. Polite. Professional. She makes you feel like you are her main concern. I am so pleased with her and have and will recommend her to everyone”
~Nikki Robeson (Erin,TN)

“Beth Dodgins helped us go from unapproved due to credit scores being to low to closing in 70 days!! Being accessible to us pretty much 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week is pretty much UNHEARD of these days, however, she was just that. I never thought buying a house could be so EASY, or at least, that is how she made it seem to us. She even arranged for us to close at our new house! She literally brought everyone to us! Someone said in a previous comment that she made them feel like they were her only client….That is EXACTLY how we felt also. There really is no one better to go to than Beth!”
~ Drew & Christy Adams (Dickson, TN)

“We recently worked with Beth Dodgins on our FHA Streamline. She is a fantastic person. She was always positive even if a glitch came up. She would tell us about it and take of it with a smile 🙂 I would highly recommend her to anyone. As a matter of fact, I already did to two other people.”
~ Tia Higgins, Jimmy Higgins, and Jim Higgins (Charlotte, TN)

“Mr. Phillip Carson prepared my mortgage very quickly and efficiently. Halfway through the process, the real estate agent discovered a lien on the house, so the mortgage was delayed a few weeks. This meant that more pay stubs and other documents needed to be processed. Mr. Carson handled it very quickly.”
~ D.E. Suzuki (Clarksville, Tennessee)

“I recently worked with Beth Dodgins during the process of purchasing my home. She was wonderful, she kept me informed with every detail and was on top of everything. If I asked her a question she replied almost immediately. She really made me feel as if I was her only client and that she truly cared. Working with her was a blessing. She was able to do something for me that others said could not be done. I would recommend her to anyone and my realtor is going to suggest her also.”
~ Carlitta Sorrells (Erin, Tennessee)

“Just wanted to send you a quick note. I contacted Beth Dodgins a few weeks ago about refinancing my home. She was more than happy and willing to help me. She did an awesome job keeping me updated on what was going on the entire time. She was always available when I needed her via email or even her cell phone after hours. She is an asset to your company and I will always be thankful for what she has done for us. We took 5 years off our mortgage and our rate was lowered from 7% to 3.375. Thank you!” ~ Ray, Tracy, Josh, Mikey, Maddie, Anna Grace and Willow Oliphant (Dickson, Tennessee)

“Thank you Phillip Carson! I knew it would be a lot of work and stress moving to the area and buying a new place, but you were so great to work with, and you made it so easy! I would recommend anyone who wants to buy a home to go with United Capital Lending! A great bunch of people making the American Dream a reality!”
~ Mitzi Williams (Mount Juliet, Tennessee)

“Thanks Phillip Carson for your help. I know it was tough, but thanks for your hard work. Thanks again!”
~ Charles Jenkins (Antioch, Tennessee)

“Thanks for everything you did for me to assist in the home buying loan process. Thanks!”
~ Clay Farrar (Nashville, Tennessee)

“We want to thank you for your professional assistance with our home loan process. We have been truly blessed. Many Blessings for the New Year!”
~ Andy & Darlynne Jordan (Franklin, Tennessee)

“I will keep you in mind if I hear anyone that wants to refinance or purchase their home!! I will tell them how amazing you are!! You are invited to our pool party!”
~ Megan Sutton (Hermitage, Tennessee)

“As a Realtor; and now home owner, I wanted to thank Phillip for his hard work on closing my loan. Most of the people in his business may or may not return your calls. Phillip called me late at night and even on weekends to get the job done! I have recommended several people to Phillip, and will continue to do so. Thanks again.”
~ Steven Ray (Antioch, Tennessee)